Health and Physical Education – Years 7 and 8

Strand: Personal, social and community health

Making healthy and safe choices

Refine protective behaviours and evaluate community resources to seek help for themselves and others

  • collaborating with peers to suggest strategies they could use if they are being encouraged to use a substance such as alcohol, e-cigarettes, cannabis or inhalants
  • exploring help-seeking scenarios young people may encounter and sharing strategies for dealing with each situation, including situations linked to substance use, mental health issues, safety and risk-taking, and sexual health

Plan and implement strategies, using health resources, to enhance their own and others’ health, safety, relationships and wellbeing

  • investigating different approaches and developing personal plans for promoting their own positive mental health and wellbeing, such as mindfulness, relaxation techniques and healthy eating

Understand this learning area

Health and Physical Education

Focus area: Alcohol and other drugs

Alcohol and other drugs addresses safe practices in relation to a range of drugs, including prescription drugs, natural and alternative medicines, energy drinks, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, e-cigarettes and other synthetic drugs, cocaine, ecstasy, and methamphetamines.

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