Who is behind D-force

D-Force was started by two police officers who wanted to prevent the damage they saw happening in the community from Methamphetamine use.

They gathered a group of specialists and community organisations to develop a program in conjunction with schools that would help to protect our kids from the drug methamphetamine.

How it was developed

The D-Force program was initially co-designed and trialled in consultation with schools.

We worked with students from three schools to develop an approach that engages kids in understanding the facts about the drug methamphetamine, knowing how to seek help, and how to defend their friends.

The outputs of the co-design workshops were given to Robot Circus, a professional educational games development company, who worked the ideas into a rich, thought-provoking, interactive game.

Why it was developed

Preventing harm in the first place.

Criminals know how savagely addictive the drug methamphetamine is, so they let the kids try it for free, knowing that the kids can be hooked with one try.

If we don’t inform students, the only source of information our children have is ‘the word on the street’.

What is the D-force program?

D-Force learning resources are aimed at year 7 and 8 students. D-Force teaches young people to protect themselves and their friends from the dangers of the drug methamphetamine.

What your school will receive

Access to online learning resources including: surveys, lessons, and the online game ‘Defending Westhaven.’

Benefits for students

Students learn to make positive choices and, if necessary, how to seek help. They develop a constructive dialogue with peers and teachers. Students use evidence & data (rather than ‘the word on the street’) to inform decision making.

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