The award-winning D-Force program is a set of learning materials for year 7 and 8 students that empowers students to make responsible decisions to avoid methamphetamine use.

Co-designed with students and teachers, it uses a range of classroom activities and an interactive, co-operative game to give teens the essential knowledge and understanding to make positive choices that protect them and their communities from the drug methamphetamine.

What’s included

  • Informative worksheets, class discussions and role play activities to develop dialogues and deepen knowledge
  • Interactive activities encourage students to apply the skills they learn in preparation for future experiences
  • A co-operative game ‘Defending Westhaven’ puts students in the driver seat, making decisions that influence the outcome of the game for better or worse.


2 x 5 mins pre & post-learning surveys, 3 x 40 min classroom lessons, 1 x 50-80 mins online game

What students learn

  • Facts about methamphetamine
  • Awareness that anyone can become addicted to methamphetamine after one use
  • An understanding of habits, behaviours, triggers and addiction
  • The damaging effects of the drug methamphetamine on the mind and body
  • Positive and negative choices
  • Short and long-term consequences
  • The positive role they can play in their community and in defending their friends
  • Individual and community consequences drug abuse

Evidence of student learning

Student survey statement: “You can become addicted to ice after one use.”
Pre-learning , 50% of students agreed with the statement.
Post-learning, 92.86% of students agreed with the statement.

Student benefits

  • Increased awareness of the dangers of methamphetamine use
  • Knowing where to seek help
  • Armoured with facts instead of the ‘word on the street’
  • Increased confidence to say no when confronted with pressure to make a potentially life-altering choice
  • Developing life skills and protective behaviours
  • Self awareness and self management skills
  • Critical thinking skills to identify, process and evaluating information

Who created D-Force?

The D-Force program was created in collaboration with police, educators, students, a child psychologist, web developers and an online game developer with generous backing from community and business sponsors.

Award winning

RMIT Helen and Geoff Handbury Award for outstanding innovation, contribution and commitment to fellowship.

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